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Sex Cereal At A Grocery Store Near You (The Incan SuperFood Secret Ingredient)

Last month, after recommending Maca to one of my fertility patients and her husband she said that it is one of the main ingredients in the Sex Cereal. Wait...hold up...there's sex cereal, and they sell it at the local grocery store? How did I not know about this or see it before?! Well low and behold I found it today while cruising the cereal isle and just as she said, there it stood amongst the Captain Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Quaker Oats and Sex Cereal. Sounds like a pretty good combo to me, and who doesn't like a good morning session, after cereal that is...I wonder if it helps with morning breath too? But in all seriousness, she was absolutely right, Maca is one of the main ingredients in the cereal and I recommend Maca to all my fertility patients or those looking for a bit of an extra energy boost.

The Maca root, belonging to the radish family and grown in the mountains of Peru, has often been referred to as an Incan superfood or the "Peruvian Gingseng". Most commonly available in powder form, many have started to take note of the powerful effects of this plant world wide and putting it to use as a supplement and food ingredient.

A few health benefits of Maca include:

1.Sexual Function - as we see with the Sex Cereal, Maca is widely used in the promotion of both female and male sexual function. It boosts libido, increases endurance, increases sperm motility and balances hormones to improve fertility.

2. Energy - even just after a short time of taking maca you may start to see improvement in your energy levels. Many athletes use it to help achieve peak performance.

3. Women's health and mood - Maca is known to alleviate premenstrual symptoms such as cramping, body pain, mood swings and depression as well as lessen the more severe cases of menopause with hot flashes, irritability and anxiety.

4. Vitamins - This superfood is rich in Vitamin B, C and E and provides a source of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.

5. Health and Wellness - Maca supplies iron to help restore red blood cells aiding in anemia and cardiovascular diseases. It promotes faster healing and keeps bones and teeth health and strong.

6. Skin - coinciding with hormone regulation, many people take Maca for skin related issues to clear acne and blemishes.

So an increase in sexual function, promotion of peak performance, mood stability, reduction of acne and blemishes ALL in the form of a CEREAL...sounds like a pretty fantastic way to start off the day (in my humble opinion far better than starting off with burnt toast!!!). Get out there and get your Maca on!

**please note this is by no means an endorsement for the actual Sex Cereal. I simply thought it was a pretty brilliant marketing effort to spread the goodness of one of my favorite ancient plant medicines. There are many other more direct forms of taking Maca as a supplement and there's even Maca chocolate bars...Sex Cereal with Maca chocolate shavings on top anyone?! Consult your holistic health practitioner to see if Maca is a good supplement for you.

Though there's just not enough time in this post to examine the gender stereotypes in the packaging and pictures used, I welcome your comments on this ;)

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