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Inspire [in-spahyuhr] in-spired, in-spir-ing

1. To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence

2. To produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.)

3. To affect, elicit, guide, or arouse by divine influence

4. To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion

5. To breathe on, breathe in and breathe life into

The profundity of breathing in, of having life breathed into us, is literally, metaphorically and energetically an act of inspiration. In fact, to be inspired is the definition of having human life.

Typically when one thinks of an inspired life it belongs to the visionaries, poets, seers, savants, adventurers, artists, inventors and explorers of our times. However, each grand and inspired life was born from an inspired idea. Each of those ideas arguably was created from the simple and profound act of presence. When one notices and becomes absorbed in the act of inspiration (technically, inspiration is the act of breathing air into the lungs - respiration is the exchange of gases in the body) the focus of the mind to the moment invites the opportunity for one to live a truly inspired life.

While you still have this precious human life, contemplate about what truly breathes life into you? What breathes life into your ideas that generate them into a life well lived and a life well loved; which will likely arouse excitement and a spark in those around you. To rest your awareness on the breath is to inspire, to be inspired is truly to be In Spirit.

My answer to the question of what breathes life into me - all of you. I can't take credit for writing the passage above, but as it found itself in my inbox and I read it, I immediately thought of each and every one of you reading this and my recent exploration of breath.

Rebirthing and Conscious Breathwork

It was only after my visit to Israel to attend the Acupuncturists Without Borders Healing Community Trauma training, that I was exposed to breathwork. I was fortunate enough in my very brief time there to meet and connect with Shiran Michaeli, a brilliant practitioner and beautiful soul. This blog is about the breathwork Shiran offers in hopes that I can give you a glimpse of the profound experience he provides each of his patients. I am working extremely hard to bring Shiran back to Calgary for more work in the Fall 2015. Shiran visited Canada and I was so lucky to host his stay here a year ago. During that time he made a tremendous impact on the community open to the services he offered. I truly cannot attest enough to his talent – my life has forever been changed for the better since having him in it and having the opportunity to work with him.

I invite you to read the description of his rebirthing and conscious breath work and watch a video of him in action. Please share your thoughts and email me for questions and interest in having a session with Shiran. I need to ensure that he has full opportunity to share his work if he is going to make a return visit in the Fall. For anyone who had the experience of working with Shiran in Calgary during his last visit, I invite you to please share your experience and how it has impacted your life. Love and Light to all! Keep inspiring and thank you all for inspiring me!

Shiran Michaeli -

“This video shows beautiful Rebirthing sessions in the dead sea. The super salty water allows perfect floating and powerful energetic conductivity which make the dead sea an ideal location for this work.

Rebirthing is a healing process aimed to release energetic blockage in our body tissues and magnetic field. It allows us to release traumatic experiences and free our body, heart and mind from the suffering caused by it.

The breathing session is a powerful experience. We use special breathing techniques to increase the flow of Oxygen and energy to the whole body and expand consciousness beyond our known limits.

Reaching this magnificent state of consciousness allows us to get in touch with our subconscious patterns and release many negative emotions and limiting beliefs, which are “stuck” in our system.

While experiencing a traumatic event our defense mechanisms suppress emotions and some of the memories related to them. This is a survival mechanism designed to buffer the painful experience to a level that allows us to function and not “crash”. However, eventually we also pay a price for locking all this negative energy within.

Since it's not a part of our society to encourage powerful emotional release in daily life, it becomes more important than ever to take the time and space to do it in a safe environment.”

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