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"Your body's ability to heal  is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe."

~ Unknown


Hi there, My name is Grant Bell, and I’m a Canadian registered physiotherapist. For over 10 years I have been helping guide people in their pursuit of wellness and activity participation.  This journey has taken me around the world, and it is exciting for me to bring an international palate of experience to the everyday Canadian. 


I want to work with you in helping you reach your goals, be they having a wholesome night sleep to running that first marathon. 


I am primarily a musculoskeletal sports physiotherapist, with my interests being sport performance and injury management. However I also have interests in treating back and neck pain, breathing, mindfulness, and whole body health. We are a complex organism with many wonderfully interconnecting parts and my practice reflects this. 


Working with Kayla is an incredibly exciting opportunity. I believe combining the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine with physiotherapy practice, we can create a wellness journey which is powerful, vibrant and effective. 


My approach to physiotherapy is hands on and one on one. I believe the key to success lies in empowering patients with the best tools to rehabilitate while employing techniques within clinic to normalise pain and movement.  I am a clinical pilates practitioner, utilise dry needling techniques, and have many manual therapy tools within my skillset. 


I have worked closely with many sports teams.. At an international level with the NZ U19 Basketball team, Samoa and Niuean Rugby Teams and domestically with Rugby and Soccer teams. 


When I’m not working, I am an avid snow boarder, scrambler, rock climber, hiker and mountain biker.

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